Here you will find specific pages dedicated to your requirements, whether it is for standard, high performance, decorative or special applications, Donmix can provide high-quality concrete solutions.

Normal Concrete

Normal-class concrete is be specified by the parameters given in AS 1379 Clause and has the designed characteristic compressive strength (after 28 days) grades in the MPa’s (Mega Pascals) and is considered our base level concrete. Applications include house slabs and footpaths.

Mega Pascals

  • 15 MPa
  • 20 MPa
  • 25 MPa
  • 32 MPa
  • 40 MPa
  • 50 MPa

“Special” Class Concrete

Special-class concrete as defined by AS1379 is specified to have certain properties or characteristics different from, or additional to, those of normal-class concrete and otherwise in accordance with Clause 1.5.4. Applications include industrial slabs, cattle yards, swimming pools, boat ramps, etc and can be created for your purpose.

Environmental Concrete

If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly option, environmental concrete products could be the way to go. Environmental concrete products offer all the advantages of a cement-based binder with the added feature of being eco friendly.

Eco-friendly concretes are made with at least 30 percent recycled materials, such as slag or flyash. Slag, being the stony material separated from ore during the smelting process, and flyash, the pulverised fuel ash from boiler gases.

As an added benefit, environmental concrete is more durable, and has a longer life span in adverse environments compared to traditional cementitious products


Could you tell me how much plain concrete is per metre?

Yes. It all depends on what mpa strength you are after, contact our staff to assist you. You can call us on (03) 5672 3733 or use the contact us form CLICKING HERE

What size trucks do you have available?

They vary from 7.5m twin steers , 5.6m single steer and a 2.0m mini. Contact us to discuss your needs in more detail. You can call us on (03) 5672 3733 or use the contact us form CLICKING HERE

Can you work out my concrete quantity for stump holes?

Yes not a problem at all. You can call us on (03) 5672 3733 or use the contact us form CLICKING HERE Or you can get an estimate by using the Online Calculator By Clicking Here

Do you charge for concrete returns if I order too much?

It is included in the price of the concrete and service.

How long do I have to empty the load of concrete before I get charged waiting time?

You are allowed 40 minutes before waiting time is charged and then you will be charged at a rate of $2 per minute + GST a nominal per minute rate.